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Pennsylvania and Delaware Zoning Attorneys
The Media, Pennsylvania zoning attorneys at Carroll & Karagelian LLP, assist in the development and entitlement of real estate for commercial, industrial, residential, or mixed-use purposes through proper zoning. Our zoning practice is available to individuals and businesses throughout metro Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and metro Wilmington, Delaware.

Local government makes many decisions that affect our lives. Zoning is one of those decisions. The zoning lawyers at Carroll & Karagelian LLP represent our clients’ interests in the formation of government policy. Zoning law involves changing the approved use of land for a different purpose, as well as obtaining approvals for uses on zoned property which require additional permits to operate within the law. At Carroll & Karagelian LLP, we serve a wide range of clients, including real estate developers, real estate brokers and financial institutions. We have considerable experience in all legal areas related to land use and zoning.

Carroll & Karagelian LLP helps clients obtain required permits and approvals from the many regulatory bodies which govern property development. Our services include the preparation, presentation, and defense of conditional use permits, variances, site plans, zoning ordinance amendments, public utility change requests, planned residential developments (PRD’s), and special exceptions. Our law firm’s zoning lawyers routinely appear before Pennsylvania and Delaware councils, commissions, planning boards, hearing boards, zoning boards of adjustment, and other regulatory bodies.

Contact the zoning lawyers at Carroll & Karagelian LLP for all of your Pennsylvania and Delaware land use and zoning needs.