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Practice Areas

The business and commercial, and real estate attorneys at Carroll & Karagelian LLP offer experienced and thorough legal representation to individuals and businesses throughout southeast Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia metropolitan area, as well as individuals and businesses in the Wilmington, Delaware area. Located in Media, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware, the majority of our clients come from southeast Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks, and Delaware counties.

At Carroll & Karagelian LLP, we have developed a policy of focusing upon those areas of the law in which our knowledge and experience have enabled us to excel. The attorneys and staff at Carroll & Karagelian LLP strive to provide knowledgeable, quality, legal representation to all of our clients, never losing sight of the personal side of the attorney-client relationship. Our principal areas of representation include:

We invite you to learn more about any of these areas by clicking on the name of the practice area in order to be taken to a page dedicated to that topic. If you need additional information or would like to speak with one of our experienced business and commercial advocates, lawyers, real estate attorneys, elder law lawyers, employment law counselors, or estate attorneys, please contact Carroll & Karagelian LLP at your convenience.

Fiduciary Litigation
Although most people have the best of intentions to plan their estates, all too often difficult issues arise following the death of a loved one. With broad knowledge in estate and trust matters, and our considerable experience in litigation, our attorneys are able to provide both technical and practical advice and counsel on issues involving:

Business Organization
Business Formation Attorneys
When you are organizing a new business, a determination needs to be made regarding the formation of the business. Will the business be operated as a partnership, a corporation, or a limited liability company? What are the business and tax considerations that go into the business formation decision and how will the decision affect how the business operates? At Carroll & Karagelian LLP, in Media, Pennsylvania, our business formation attorneys assist clients in making business formation decisions, enabling our law firm to prepare the documents necessary to establish the company.

Commercial / Business Litigation
Commercial and Business Litigation Attorneys
At Carroll & Karagelian LLP, we understand the significant impact that litigation can have on a company’s ability to achieve its business objectives. Our commercial and business litigation attorneys have represented numerous companies in complex litigation and arbitration proceedings across a broad range of industries.

Commercial / Business Transactions
Philadelphia Area Business Attorneys and Commercial Lawyers
If you are involved in the ownership or management of a corporation or business, you realize there are many legal issues that need to be addressed in a timely manner. When addressing business issues, you want the assistance of an experienced business attorney to give you the information you need that allows you to make informed decisions. At Carroll & Karagelian LLP, our commercial and business attorneys will provide you with the legal information you need to successfully operate and manage your business.

Elder Law
At Carroll & Karagelian LLP, our elder law attorneys are dedicated to helping you and your family sort through the difficult issues that many people encounter in their later years. Not only are the more people beginning to address elder law issues in their own lives, they are also finding that they have issues to deal with as their parents age. If you need help addressing legal areas specific to our older generation, Carroll & Karagelian LLP, in Media, Pennsylvania, is here to help people throughout the southeast, Pennsylvania, and Wilmington, Delaware areas.

Employment Law
Employment Lawyers  
At Carroll & Karagelian LLP, in Media, Pennsylvania, our employment lawyers have the experience and resources to provide sound legal advice and convincing litigation representation to employees and employers in all aspects of employment law and labor relations. When things go wrong in the workplace, a complex set of employment laws is brought into play. Having an experienced employment attorney is essential in protecting your rights or the rights of your company.

Real Estate
Pennsylvania and Delaware Real Estate Attorneys
Real estate developers, investors, residential homeowners, and lenders turn to the real estate lawyers at Carroll & Karagelian LLP to benefit from our business approach to transactions and our understanding of their needs. We represent buyers and sellers in all types of commercial and residential projects. Our clients include both sophisticated real estate developers and relative newcomers, and we tailor our services to fit their specific needs.

Estate Planning
Having a valid estate plan, which at a minimum includes a will, and sometimes a trust, is a necessary process in protecting your family and providing for their future upon your death. Most people do not like to think about estate planning because they feel there will always be time in the future. Unfortunately, that is not always true. Proper planning, with the assistance of an experienced estate planning lawyer, will make it easier on your family and loved ones after you are gone. Estate planning is an inevitable part of life, and the estate planning lawyers at Carroll & Karagelian LLP, in Media, Pennsylvania, help people in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Wilmington, Delaware areas get their affairs in order.

Probate/Estate Administration
Estate Administration and Probate Attorneys
At Carroll & Karagelian LLP, located in Media, Pennsylvania, our estate administration and probate attorneys provide full service legal representation in all aspects of probate and estate administration for clients in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware areas, or for individuals with a recently departed loved one who resided in these areas.

Pennsylvania and Delaware Zoning Attorneys
The Media, Pennsylvania zoning attorneys at Carroll & Karagelian LLP, assist in the development and entitlement of real estate for commercial, industrial, residential, or mixed-use purposes through proper zoning. Our zoning practice is available to individuals and businesses throughout metro Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and metro Wilmington, Delaware.