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Probate/Estate Administration

Estate Administration and Probate Attorneys
At Carroll & Karagelian LLP, located in Media, Pennsylvania, our estate administration and probate attorneys provide full service legal representation in all aspects of probate and estate administration for clients in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Wilmington, Delaware areas, or for individuals with a recently departed loved one who resided in these areas.

Estate administration includes probate, which is the process that transfers legal title of property from the estate of the person who has died, as well as non-probate transfers of the deceased’s assets. Non-probate transfers include life insurance, annuities, qualified retirements plans, and trust assets. We assist the personal representative of the estate in the gathering, valuation, accounting, and distribution of the decedent’s assets. We prepare estate tax returns, file the appropriate documents in order to release liens on a decedent’s real estate, and handle any related litigation, such as will contents. We ensure that all the proper steps are taken in order to carry out the deceased?s intent in accordance with the law.

Estate and probate administration requires achieving the goals of the deceased person and satisfying the requirements of state and federal government as well as the probate court. Our estate administration and probate attorneys have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this complex process, and we can efficiently handle the estate administration and probate process. The lawyers at Carroll & Karagelian LLP are committed to seeing that the estate administration and probate process proceeds smoothly for our clients.

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